The owners of the domain name are accepting offers from interested parties willing to obtain ownership rights over the domain name. You can place your offer by filling out the form below.

Before making an offer we advise you to read below information.

Making Offer

  1. Fill out the form below and confirm your offer by clicking unique web link, which you will receive by an e-mail shortly. You will be able to add additional information to your offer when following confirmation link.
  2. Your offer will be immediately passed to the owners of the domain name. After your offer will be reviewed, generally you will either receive counteroffer or your offer will be accepted and your will receive further instructions or will be initiated.

Valuation and Price

  1. Domain name values are currently rising rapidly. Therefore the price figure shown on this site is only indication of what owners are looking to get for domain name and not agreed price. While we try to keep prices up to date as much as possible, we can not guarantee that your offer will be accepted even you will match listed price indication.
  2. There is often a difference between Buyer and Seller price expectations. However this valuation was result of thoughtful appraisal and market situation. Therefore it is not likely that your lower offer would result in successful deal, more likely it will delay or even cancel possible negotiations. We encourage you to make reasonable offers.

Sales process.

If you have made successful offer and it was accepted, you have few options to proceed with transaction.

Using, an independent third party transaction management service. This option is recommended as they have secure and reliable procedure for domain name sale, which guarantees safety for the Buyer. You can be sure that your payment will not be released to Seller until you confirm successful domain name transfer. accepts bank wire transfers, check payments and credit cards as well as Paypal (acceptance of paypal is limited) . If you match listed price for domain name, escrow fees are covered by Seller, if lower price is accepted, you will have to cover escrow fees (please check escrow fee calaculator

Using services. Sedo provides brokerage and escrow services for domain names transactions. You will have to cover sedo fees.

If you are not able to use or you can always make direct bank wire transfer or credit card payment. You don’t have to pay anything extra if using direct payment method.

Transfer process

As soon as payment is secured by either escrow\sedo services or received directly (depending on payment method), we will proceed with domain name transfer. Domain name will be unlocked and WHOIS will be updated with new ownership information. You will receive login nad password to manage domain name online at current Registrar website. You will also be able change password for domain management area. You will also be provided with authorization code, which is necessary to move domain name to your preferred Registrar.

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